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  • Aqua Pacific Wire Mesh & Supply Ltd. : A long term supporter of ASGA and Alaska Farmers Aqua Pacific's Niki Palmer joined us and is always available to work with growers to tailor wire mesh solutions for their farms.
  • Hooper's Island Oyster Co.Purveyors of oyster equipment and gear sent Hexcyl basket samples for interested growers to try out.
  • Vitsab Time Temperature Indicators  Developed in collaboration with U.S. FDA and other federal and state organizations according to predictive growth models of Vibrio paraheamolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus supplied by FDA.




  • Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation: Long-time supporters and contributors to ASGA, They have spearheaded research and worked closely with the governers office to release the recent Mariculture Task Force Development Plan.
  • The Nature Conservancy Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition Ocean Acidification impacts to shellfish growers has gotten a lot of press in the past 10 years, TNC's SGCC is one possible response. Interested shellfish growers can contact Sally McGee smcgee@tnc.org For more background watch the video about the Coalition.
  • National Shellfisheries Association Sponsors an annual scientific conference; Publishes the peer-reviewed Journal of Shellfish Research; Provides members with a print subscription to JSR and online access via BioOne; Produces a Quarterly Newsletter; Interacts with other associations and industry
  • Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Supports ASGA in communicating with legislators. PCSGA works on behalf of its members on a broad spectrum of issues, including environmental protection, shellfish safety, regulations, technology and marketing.
  • Pacific Shellfish Institute PSI has included ASGA in a number of research grants supporting growers in Alaska. Their mission: PSI research and educational activities are aimed at supporting sustainable shellfish production and restoration, protecting marine ecosystems, reducing user-conflicts, and informing coastal planning decisions. Most activities focus on publicly-funded research projects to evaluate the ecology, health and diseases of shellfish. They also conduct social research to characterize the status of shellfish production and restoration along the West Coast, including socio-economic assessments of the benefits and costs of shellfish production, and barriers to entry for the shellfish industry.PSI produced this publication Dichotomous Key and Illustrated Guideto the Pests of Bivalve Aquaculture in Washington and Oregon If you are interested in receiving a printed copy (laminated pages) for use on your farm contact bobbi@pacshell.org One research possibility would be to develop a similar guide adding AK species 


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