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  • 2021 ASGA Annual Conference

2021 ASGA Annual Conference

  • 19 Jan 2021
  • 10:00 AM
  • 22 Jan 2021
  • 3:00 PM
  • Zoom


  • Conference registration includes all days of the conference.
  • Full conference registration for non-grower members.


Below is the draft of a more detailed conference agenda:



Tuesday, January 19 - Welcome and Agency Presentations

0:15:00 9:45 Bring your own coffee and test your connection
0:10:00 10:00 AM Welcome Meta Mesdag, ASGA President
0:40:00 10:10 AM Introductions: 2020 Successes and Challenges All participants introduction - share one success and one challenge
0:10:00 10:50 AM Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Update Margaret Pilaro, Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA)
0:45:00 11:00 AM Business Dynamics of a Large WA State Shellfish Farm Dave Steele, Rock Point Oyster Co.
0:15:00 11:45 AM 15 min Break (or Vendor Presentation)
12:00 PM Discussions with Agencies
0:30:00 12:00 PM DNR lease updates Karen Cougan, ADNR, Aquatic Farming Program Coordinator
0:20:00 12:30 PM ADFG update Flip Pryor, ADFG, Aquaculture Section Chief
0:20:00 12:50 PM ADEC food safety update Carol Brady, ADEC, Shellfish Permit Coordinator
0:10:00 1:10 PM 10 min Break
0:20:00 1:20 PM ISSC/FDA/Covid updates Kimberly Stryker, ADEC, Food Safety & Sanitation
0:20:00 1:40 PM ADEC lab recommendations Matthew Forester, ADEC, Environmental Health Laboratory
0:40:00 2:00 PM Shellfish Education Training Carol Brady & Kimberly Stryker, ADEC, Food Safety & Sanitation
2:40 PM Adjourn

Wed. January 20 - Promoting Mariculture and Research

0:15:00 9:45 Bring your own coffee and test your connection
10:00 AM Research and Updates
0:30:00 10:00 AM PSI Research: Water Quality Monitoring Research Grant Update and COVID Impacts Bobbi Hudson, Pacific Shellfish Institute
0:30:00 10:30 AM Communicating Ecosystem Services Margo Reveil, Jakolof Bay Oyster Co
0:30:00 11:00 AM Governors Mariculture Task Force Update Julie Decker and Heather McCarty, Alaska Mariculture Task Force
0:25:00 11:30 AM AK Sea Grant Mariculture Update Ginny Eckert, Alaska Sea Grant Director
0:25:00 11:55 AM NOAA Alaska Mariculture Update Alicia Bishop, NMFS/NOAA, AK Regional Aquaculture Coordinator
0:15:00 12:20 PM 15 min Break (or Vendor Presentation?)
0:25:00 12:35 PM Alaska Ocean AcidificationUpdate Darcy Dugan, Alaska Ocean Acidification Network
0:20:00 1:00 PM AFSC Mariculture Scientist Introduction Jordan Hollarsmith. NOAA AFSC Juneau
0:20:00 1:20 PM Alaska Oyster Seed Project Riley Smith, AFDF and Eric Wyatt, Blue Starr Oyster Co.
0:25:00 1:40 PM Mapping of PSP Cysts in SE AK Courtney Hart, UAF, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
0:10:00 2:05 PM 10 min Break
0:25:00 2:15 PM Machine Learning to Predict HABs in Southeast AK John Harley, Ph.D., UAS, Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center
0:25:00 2:40 PM Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Fund Mariculture Proposal Workgroup Ginny Eckert and Melissa Good, Alaska Sea Grant
3:05 PM Adjourn

Thurs. January 21- Grower Roundtable

0:15:00 9:45 AM Bring your own coffee and test your connection
10:00 AM Grower Discussion Sessions and Sharing
1:00:00 10:00 AM Cultivating Oyster Appreciation: Crafting Stories and Connections that Drive Market Perception and Demand
Julie Qiu, Founder, In A Half Shell, and International Oyster Sommelier
0:30:00 11:00 AM Processing for Retail Markets - How to Make Your Product Pop! Margo Reveil, Jakolof Bay Oyster Co
0:30:00 11:30 AM Alaska Oysters in the Big Wide World - A Chef's Perspective Chef Rickie Perez, Logan Oyster Socials, Chicago, IL
0:15:00 12:00 PM 15 min Break
0:30:00 12:45 PM Alaska Sea Grant Virtual Spring Oyster Festival Melissa Good, Alaska Sea Grant
0:30:00 12:15 PM Instagram: Tell Your Farm Story Jimmy Greeley, Tommaso Shellfish
0:30:00 1:15 PM National Seaweed Hub update Melissa Good, Alaska Sea Grant
0:30:00 1:45 PM Update: Kachemak Shellfish Growers Cooperative Sean Crosby, Kachemak Shellfish Growers Cooperative
0:30:00 2:15 PM PCSGA Mixer, everyone welcome Connie Smith, PCSGA
2:45 PM Adjourn

Friday, January 22nd - ASGA Members only

9:45 AM Bring your own coffee and test your connection
Annual Meeting - ASGA Grower Members Only
10:00 AM General 2020 Report
• Summary of 2020 activities
• Financial position
• Member comments/ideas
11:00 AM Lobbying focus for 2021
• HB41: ASMI, Lease Renewals,Expanding Lease Activities
Defending PSP Funding: How do we communicate industry impact
• Communicating Ecosystem services contribution to legislators
• Communicating Economic contribution of Mariculture to legislators environmentalists and communities current vs. potential
• Communicating cost to farmers (lease, permits, cleanup of aging infrastructure, testing)
11:30 AM Matters for Discussion
• Shellfish and Kelp Growers? Bylaws change?
• Elections
• Internship/Training Program
• Research Priorities and Actions Bobbi Hudson, Pacific Shellfish Institute (PSI)
• Actions from MTF recommendations
• Membership Development


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